Back To School Preparations

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It is almost time for school to start and as you and your family prepare for that first day of class, here are some useful tips for keeping smiles looking great all year.

Like most families, your mornings will be busy but it’s critical that you don’t rush out the door without remembering to brush your teeth.

When packing your child’s lunch, don’t be fooled by the clever marketing of sweet drinks like juice boxes and sport drinks filled with sugars. There may be little or no opportunity for your child to brush his or her teeth at school and as a result these sugary drinks can increase the risk of tooth decay.

A good school time snack is one that is high in protein such as an oatmeal bar or Greek yogurt. A piece of fruit also makes for a healthy snack. Look for foods that do not have refined carbohydrates and that are not high in sugar. High protein snacks minimize hunger and reduce the desire to snack all day.

Some feel the need for a sweet treat while studying. Hard candy and gum are bad choices because of the length of exposure to teeth. Remember the cause of tooth decay is not sugar; it’s the amount of time sugar has in contact with teeth. Therefore, it’s best to choose chocolate over hard candy and gum because it has a much shorter exposure time to the teeth and thus lowers the risk of cavities. However, if you must chew gum, select a gum sweetened with xylitol. Chewing gum sweetened with xylitol is actually a good way to help prevent cavities. The act of chewing gum produces saliva which helps to reduce the acid content in your mouth and the xylitol in the gum actually inhibits cavity causing bacteria in your mouth.

Remind your college students to take their good health habits with them to college. This means they should also remember to take their orthodontic retainers. An electric tooth brush would make a perfect gift for their dorm hygiene kit.

When studying, students should skip the caffeinated sodas and energy drinks full of sugar. They are a recipe for disaster. Drink water! It’s healthier for your body and your teeth.

Parkview Dental and Prosthodontics encourages parents to make dental exams a normal part of their children’s back-to-school preparation. When you make your list for getting your kids ready to start a new school year, be sure that bringing them for a routine check is priority. Dental appointments are easier to keep when you schedule them during the weeks before your child’s calendar fills up with classes, after-school sports and homework. Make adental check up become part of your preparations for a new school year. Oral health is an important part of overall physical health.

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