Emergency Care

Most people treat their teeth and mouth, very much like you would treat a used car. Other than keeping gas in the tank and changing the oil once every few thousand miles, the car receives very little maintenance. It’s not until the car generates a problem that you take it to the shop. Usually the problem ends up being costly and extensive.

A person might say that they save money by keeping their car out of the shop. This might be true, unless the problem with your car could have been prevented by something as simple as a tire rotation or a fluids check. Once the problem arises, you’ve already lost time and money.  The truth behind the matter is that the problem came much before you ever noticed.

Dental and oral health is very much the same. Problems can and will be detected early on, before the problems are increased to cause an extreme amount of pain, time and money. Regardless of when you come to our office, we are prepared to help repair all damage, and perform the necessary treatments to prevent further damage and pain.