Dental Implants

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If you are missing a tooth or teeth, you are not alone. Dental implants are small screws that replace the root of a tooth and restore the physical appearance and function of the tooth. Implants are integrated into the jaw and naturally bond with your mouth.


  • Dental implants give you a second chance to smile. Studies have shown that first impressions, self confidence, and a person’s character can all be correlated to their smile.
  • Dental implants restore function, health and confidence. Dental implants are permanent solutions for missing teeth. They look, feel and behave like your own healthy natural teeth. You will look good and feel great.
  • Dental implant keeps you looking young. As we age, missing teeth will lead to bone loss and degeneration of the jaw bone causing you to age faster. Having a dental implant will keep your face looking fuller so that less wrinkles will form.
  • Dental implants provide long term cost benefits. In the long term, a dental implant will save you time and money so that you will not have additional dental treatment for failing root canals, crowns and bridges or replacing dentures.


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