When Do I Need To Premedicate For My Dental Work?

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Patients do not know if premedication with antibiotics is necessary for them due to a medical condition or procedure they had done.

Antibiotic prophylaxis (or premedication) is the act of taking antibiotics one-hour before certain dental procedures like cleanings, extractions, and root canals.  The bacteria we naturally have occurring in our mouths can enter our bloodstream due to everyday things we do like eating, brushing, flossing along with dental treatments mentioned earlier.  For the healthy immune system, this bacteria will not cause harm; however, it can pose a risk to those immune-compromised individuals.  For these reasons, patients have been told to take an antibiotic before their dental treatment.

Recommendations have changed for those who need to take antibiotics before their appointment.  Two types of patients who are to follow the premedication guidelines are people with prosthetic joints/orthopedic implants and those with heart conditions.

 It is imperative to talk to your physician well before your dental visit to ensure you are following their most recent recommendations.  Your doctor can provide you with a note for your dental team. This way you can avoid interrupting your necessary dental care, and you can be ready for your upcoming visit.

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